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Stamping Fun for a Lifetime
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I never realized the impact that a party invitation would have on the fun and friendships that would last a lifetime!  I asked two of my stamping friends to talk with me about their stamping hobby.  Enjoy the experienced Stampers’ stories and advice as they answered the questions listed below in telling me why they choose stamping fun for a lifetime:

How long have you been stamping? 

Jean:  Since I graduated from college in 1990.  My first stamps were my initials, JW.  I would put them on letters or on envelopes.  Then people bought me “cat” stamps since they knew that I liked cats.

Lisa:  I think I started in about 2001; so, 19 years.  I became a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator in 2004.

How did you get started stamping? 

Jean:  I did some stamping when I was scrapbooking.  But my “addiction to stamping” started at Traci’s SU party and my stamping stuff grew from filling a tote to a room!  I really liked the versatility of stamping.  I have always been a crafty person and found myself stamping on fabric, walls, wood, and making framed art, I could use it in my life by stamping on t-shirts, bibs, and onesies to celebrate special occasions.  Being thrifty and making projects by stamping on different mediums that I can find in the Dollar Store or in a great clearance sale is a win in my book.  There is so much more to make than just cards; although I do make a fair share of those, too!  

Lisa:  It all started at Traci’s SU Party and then a couple more parties – I found myself really liking “stamping”!  I wanted too much stamping stuff, so I became a SU Hobby Demonstrator for the discount.  Initially, I wanted to do scrapbooking.  But it wasn’t long before I was making cards. 

How has your stamping developed over time? 

Jean:  I like a variety of stamps including large background stamps.  When I started stamping my images were one dimensional; usually the stamped images on cardstock.  Then I used punched images and paper-layering.  Now, I would describe my stamping as three dimensional including embellishments like ribbons and bling (sequins, etc).  SU products have made stamping easier with clear stamps and stamp pads designed to be stored with the ink on top of the pad resulting in better images.  Also products have been improved and built to last.  New color groupings and stamp bundles and suites to add even more assistance in making coordinated projects. 

Lisa:  My first cards were elaborate Christmas cards with about 25 steps of paper layering, dry embossing, multiple stamps and more that one color ink on each card plus ribbon and a few embellishments.  Over the years, I have honed my skills and skinnied down the number of steps I do when making a card!  I have also hosted card clubs and taught others how to do stamping techniques.

I actually got so busy with cards and that I stopped scrapbooking.  SU products have continued to provide more paper crafting ideas.  Things like dry embossing with small light tables are no longer featured but there are many new products that keep me interested.  I have become a Collector of Stamping supplies over the years!

What do you like about stamping?

Jean:  I can get a lot of use out of one stamp set – many cards and gifts for different occasions.  It all results in “one of a kind art”. People don’t want to throw my cards away!

Lisa:  I love to create!  SU has all the tools to get started and provides coordinated products all in one place…plus great ideas in their catalogs!  Now, I also get ideas on Pinterest.  I enjoy sharing products with others: giving them cards and gifts that they love!  This gives me a sense of accomplishment!  I have many relationships that began by stamping together!  These relationships have developed into life-long friendships – they love what I love!  We are making memories while sharing ideas.  Today, SU products are progressive: new products and new colors, they are always coming out with better things to make crafting more elegant and pretty.  Now, when I look back at some of the cards that I made early in my stamping experience – I have decided they need to go in the circular file, instead of the mailbox! 

What is your advice to someone that wants to start stamping?

Jean:  Start by buying stamps that are meaningful to you.  Simpler images are better and should leave you feeling that you or anyone can stamp with them.  Also, think about the versatility of the stamps you buy; can they be used to make cards, do scrapbooking, or other crafting projects?  Maybe they can be used to make your own stationary.  In stamping, there are endless possibilities.

When building your beginner stamping tool kit, you will need:

  • stamps
  • ink and markers
  • adhesive
  • paper and paper cutter,
  • and a few tools (for example; scissors, ruler, a bone folder, and paper punches)

Lisa:  Know that looking at the SU catalog or thinking about a project and what you will need to make it, it will likely feel OVERWHELMING!  But here is the good news: Stampin’ Up! has created kits that include all that is needed to make a number of cards.  They also have a monthly subscription program called Paper Pumpkin that includes supplies and instructions for a project; and it is mailed directly to your house on a monthly basis.  You don’t even need to create the project; you just need to sit down and stamp and craft.

Both, Paper Pumpkin and the stamping kits are reasonably priced and a great place to start stamping.  It gives a new stamper a way to start without a lot of investment.  I would also suggest attending some stamping workshops to use the demonstrator’s supplies to see what else you would like to learn and do while stamping.

What do you want to learn more about to help you with your stamping?

Jean:  I am interested in learning about the versatility of my stamps; for example, using a heart stamp to make a four-leaf clover.  I am a “thrifty” person and I want to make sure that I am getting the most value out of my purchases; so, I like to use my stamps in many ways.  Looking for ways to save paper or to use it most efficiently is always a great money saver!

I also am interested in Color palettes – ideas about which colors look good together in a project.  “Card recipes” with step by step instructions are always great too! Recipes for cards with embellishments. I also like to be challenged with advanced stamping techniques.

Lisa:  I like getting ideas from different people – I need to see examples and have different options for what I can do with a stamp set.  I like to look at different cards and then I challenge myself to make them in my style – with my stamp sets and inks. I like to know about new stamping stuff coming out, and deals and promotions coming up so I get them on my order. Learning new techniques has always interested me, trying new products or learning how to make my stamping life easier.

How would you finish this sentence?  STAMPING IS…

Jean:  STAMPING IS … THERAPY!!!  I always have a project in mind or a plan to get together with friends that share my passion!  I have made so many friends that come from all walks of life.  It is a lifetime hobby – making invitations, thank you’s, magnets, and gifts – it is my favorite pastime!!!  As I said earlier, I went from one tote to one room of stamping stuff.  I love getting homemade cards from my friends! Christmas cards are my favorite!  I also love learning new techniques!

Lisa:  STAMPING IS … my creative outlet, my stress reliever, my “me” time to do what I love, with those that I love, for the ones, I love!

Here is what I know about these two incredibly talented STAMPERS:

·       They share so much of their talent and the cards and projects they make with a large number of people!  I find them both always “cooking” up some plan to make something for someone!

·       The cards and projects that they make inspire me – they are so good at making beautiful crafts!

·       I am blessed to know them and craft with them regularly – they add to my crafting life, but most importantly, stamping together, has resulted in them being my LIFETIME FRIENDS!  Lucky me!

If you already have friends that you stamp with regularly or are interested in sharing stamping with new friends, I would be honored to help you by sharing the information in the gallery or other blog posts on this site.  If there is something specific that you would like help with, please contact me. You can shop any time directly through my Stampin’ Up! Shop!

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