Calling all Stamping Friends!

In honor of National Crafting Month, I've got a C.R.A.Z.Y. offer for YOU!

Are you looking for the magic KEY to card designing freedom? Then you can't afford to miss this amazing opportunity!

FOR A LIMITED TIME...become a Plum Fun Stamping Club Member (at the lowest price ever)!

Get three fun, creativity-filled events EVERY MONTH where you can develop your card-making skills using the unique C.R.A.Z.Y. Card Design System, a proven method for maximizing your ideas and transforming you from a regular card maker into a card designer extraordinaire.

Learn the method behind the madness C.R.A.Z.Y. - 

That is the C.R.A.Z.Y. CARD DESIGN SYSTEM - A complete 5 step system that guides you through card design and creation from start to finish to grow your confidence. Eliminate confusion and frustration by learning how to:

  • Find inspiration
  • Visualize what you want to create
  • Choose color themes
  • Select stamping techniques
  • Know when to embellish

National Crafting Month Discount Ends

March 31st 2024

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You missed out!


Join the PLUM FUN STAMPING CLUB and use the New C.R.A.Z.Y. Card Design System as a guide to make step-by-step decisions about making a unique card from start to finish. 

You will learn how to use this system during each Club event as I use it to make cards and share specific tasks and techniques leading to your cardmaking success!

Sue R.

I appreciate the classes and Facebook Lives I have participated in with Traci. Specifically, I appreciate that while she uses a specific stamp and die sets; she is always advocating using our own materials that we have a home. She is very organized and gives directions that are easy to follow. I love the creative cards she shares. Thank you Traci for all that I have learned from you!

Connie S.

Traci is an inspiration. She is creative. She is a good teacher. She makes me feel comfortable and more confident. I'm glad I ran across her videos. I've watched others but I find I connect better with Traci. I've learned so much from her. Thank you for sharing your talent.

Selia K.

I am a new stamper and worked with Traci in a private class. She has a true passion for paper crafting and is so...creative! She is great at explaining the process of stamping. Traci is very patient and taught me how to execute all of my ideas. I had never stamped before and after working with Traci, I have fallen in love with stamping and paper crafting!


  • I spend too much time staring at a blank white card base
  • I have trouble identifying the type of card I want to make
  • I'm not sure I have the right card making supplies
  • I worry about whether I can make a good looking card
  • I'm not sure how to pick the right color combination for a card

    Sometimes when you feel "stuck" - frustrated getting the card idea in your head to become a "real" card, it's usually because of one issue…


    Since most card making classes don't teach you "how to design cards" to help you overcome the stress of making the perfect card. Instead a class or tutorial will tell you exactly what stamp set to use, the paper cutting measurements, and how to assemble the parts to make a specific card. Now that is fine and can be helpful…

    When I think about being a new card maker - "a newbie" and wanting to learn how to make cards without being overwhelmed…

    I'm reminded of the parable -

    Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

    To put it simply, you've not had a guide to navigate through effective card design which includes identifying:

    • card design types
    • card templates
    • supplies to fit the card's theme
    • tools to make the card
    • color schemes 
    • paper crafting techniques

    So the bad news, you're "stuck"! That's not your fault, you probably haven't heard about the C.R.A.Z.Y. CARD DESIGN SYSTEM. 

    But here's the good news, you can learn how to design cards as a member of the Plum Fun Stamping Club!

    Joining the PLUM FUN STAMPING CLUB is the fastest way to gain crafting confidence and card making skills!


    • regularly scheduled card design lessons as part of each Club event
    • use of the C.R.A.Z.Y. CARD DESIGN SYSTEM practical examples to develop your card designing skills
    • learning stamping techniques and paper crafting tips to make your cards unique
    • written tutorials to add to your resource materials to help you design and create cards independently in the future


    PLUS, you will have the C.R.A.Z.Y. CARD DESIGN SYSTEM to keep and use in the future when you are making cards on your own.

    Plum Fun Stamping Club

    Membership Highlights

    • Three Plum Crazy Stamping Events per Month 
    • C.R.A.Z.Y. CARD DESIGN SYSTEM Guide and additional technique information
    • Coaching Relationship with the Plum Fun Stamping Club Coach
    • Access to a community of other card makers, stampers and papercrafters
    • Inspiration in card and paper crafting projects
    • Growing confidence in your crafting, cardmaking, and stamping skills 
    Benefit 1 - Card Design System

    Discover how to design and make a card from start to finish in a repeatable way that will increase your confidence and reduce your stress! See the actual application of the C.R.A.Z.Y. card design system during each Club event!

    Benefit 2 -  Crafting Techniques

    Learn how to add some WOW to your cards! Paper crafting tips and tricks are shared during each Club event. "How to" instructions will be made available to you as a Club Member.

    Benefit 3 - Resources

    Downloadable resources to add content to the C.R.A.Z.Y CARD DESIGN SYSTEM Guide and class tutorials for future reference when you are making cards on your own.

    Benefit 4 - Lifetime access

    Lifetime access to the class videos, tips, and tutorials.  Attend any class or crop demonstration as many times as you want from your home!


    Bonus 1

    C.R.A.Z.Y. CARD DESIGN SYSTEM tools that you will be able to use over and over again in the future

    Bonus 2

    Private Card Conversations Facebook Group

    Bonus 3

    Chance to win monthly prize drawings



    Flower Fest Online Cardmaking Class

    April 9, 2024 at 7pm CDT - FLOWER FEST ONLINE CARDMAKING CLASS - Live class and lifetime access to class recording and PDF tutorial

    Crop Event

    April 20, 2024 at 10 am CDT - CROP EVENT - 2 Hour Zoom meeting with Q&A session, stamping technique lesson and crafting time with other papercrafters

    Card Conversation

    April 24, 2024 at 3 pm CDT - CARD CONVERSATION - Private Facebook Group for Club members to share their cards and discuss cardmaking tips and tricks

    If you can't make it live, don't worry. The online class and crop lesson will be recorded and available at your convenience along with a written tutorial.

    Here's Why You Want to Sign Up Right Now!

    Special Offer! Enroll now and get a 25% discount to celebrate National Crafting Month!

    Here's What Happens When You Sign Up!

    As soon as you register using the button above, you will receive an email each month with:


    The Online Class Facebook Group Link

    1) You will click the Facebook Group link, 2) You will request to join the group, and 3) you will be approved and become a member of the group.

    The Online Class Facebook Group is where you'll have access to the Live Class and the class recording, after the class takes place. Also in the Facebook group, will be the written tutorial that includes the class project supply list, paper cutting measurements and step-by-step instructions to make the projects.

    You will have lifetime access to the Class Facebook Group.

    On the day of the LIVE Online Classclick the Online Class Facebook Group link provided, and join us for the Class. At the LIVE class, you will be able to 1) watch the project demonstrations, 2) save and/or print the class tutorial, and 3) ask questions and interact with other class participants via the comments.


    The Crop Event Zoom Meeting link

    1) On the day of the Crop Event, click on the Zoom link and join the live Crop Event. 

    2) When you are in the Zoom Meeting, you will be able to see the session lesson (which will be recorded and emailed to you after the Crop) and be able to talk with the Creativity Coach and other Crop participants.

    3) You will have time to work on your own crafting projects and share them with other Crop participants.

    4) There will be a "Question and Answer" session to get answers to your paper crafting (stamping) questions.


    The Card Conversation Facebook Group link: 

    1) You will click the Card Conversation Facebook Group link, 2) You will request to join the group, and 3) you will be approved and become a member of the group.

    The Card Conversion Facebook is where the conversation about your cards and cards shared by the Creativity Coach will be discussed. You will be encouraged to share pictures of your cards for discussion and a chance to win prizes.

    On the day and time of the Card Conversation, 1) click the Card Conversion Facebook Group link provided and join us for the Conversation. 2) During the Conversation, you will be able to see card examples and actively participate in the conversation via comments. 3) You will be able to post pictures of your cards for sharing and review. When you post your cards in the Facebook Group you will earn chances to win the monthly prize drawing.

    About the Creativity Coach,

    Traci Raether

    She is the Founder and Creativity Coach of Plum Crazy Stamping.

    She can help shorten your learning curve and ease your stress by sharing the C.R.A.Z.Y. CARD DESIGN SYSTEM that has been more than 25 years in the making and combines all the best secrets, tips, tricks, and creativity hacks rolled into one AMAZING FORMULA to design and create cards with fun and ease!


    During the three Club events each month she will also share inspirational craft ideas, stamping techniques to create those unique crafts and a venue to get answers to your crafting questions and to share your projects. 

    Making cards and crafts with Traci is easy and fun - discover the joy of creativity, together, in the Plum Fun Stamping Club!

    Traci Raether

    Here's what people are saying about Traci Raether

    Kim G.

    "Stamping is fun but stamping with Traci is a BLAST! Traci is a fantastic teacher whose experience, knowledge, and love of stamping shines through in every class.  I've been to several stamping classes and Traci's are my favorite!  Thanks for so much fun, Traci."

    Kathleen T.

    "Traci does such a great job teaching these techniques and I just love the card tutorials!  Each one is just beautiful!!  If you want to learn how to make gorgeous cards, Traci is your lady!"

    Barb E.

    "Traci is a dedicated stamping coach with endless creativity. Traci has helped me to renew my love for paper crafting.  She is in tune with my stamping style and coaches me toward stamp sets and paper that help me make great cards to send to friends and family! I can not thank Traci enough for sharing her knowledge and skills with me, bringing my own creativity back to life."

    TOTAL VALUE: $151.75

    YOUR PRICE: $29/MO   


    Here's Everything You Get!

    • Monthly ONLINE CLASS Registration (Value $29.95)
    • LIFETIME ACCESS to the Recorded Class (Value $29.95)
    • CLASS TUTORIAL with supply list, cutting measurements and step-by-step instructions (Value $17)
    • Monthly CROP Registration (Value $14.95)
    • Private CARD CONVERSATION Facebook Group Membership ($9.95)
    • C.R.A.Z.Y. CARD DESIGN SYSTEM (Value $49.95)

    The Choice Is Yours!

    If you're still reading this, then you know that having a system to design cards is critical to your cardmaking success. And you know that the PLUM FUN STAMPING CLUB MEMBERSHIP including the C.R.A.Z.Y. CARD DESIGN SYSTEM is the most effective way to get that skill.

    So, now you have a choice…


    You could sign up for the CLUB MEMBERSHIP before the National Crafting Month Discount expires…

    Or you can decide not to register and continue to make cards the way you always have.


    If you are happy with where you are on your paper crafting journey, then great! No need to sign up.

    But if you're not happy or feeling stressed about your current cardmaking situation…or you struggle to come up with card design ideas…or you would like to step up your cardmaking "mojo"…


    Then there really isn't a choice, is there?


    Register now with the button below, and start to feel better card designing and have more fun making the "best" cards you've ever made!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is the Plum Fun Stamping Club for?

    The Plum Fun Stamping Club is for paper crafters that arelooking for the magic KEY to card designing freedom? This is the fastest way to improve card making confidence and paper crafting skills!  


    By participating the in three fun, creativity-filled events EVERY MONTH, you can develop your card-making skills using the unique C.R.A.Z.Y. Card Design System, a proven method for maximizing your card ideas and transforming you from a card maker into a card designer extraordinaire!


    The C.R.A.Z.Y. Card Design System is the foundational program and skills every card maker needs. Once you learn this system, the sky’s the limit. You will use the C.R.A.Z.Y. method again and again to take your crafting skills anywhere you want them to go. You’ll go from saying, “I’m not sure how to do that,” to “I know exactly what to do and I can’t wait to make that card and add my own personal touches!”

    How will the C.R.A.Z.Y. Card Design System help me month after month?

    The C.R.A.Z.Y. Card Design System is taught exclusively in Plum Crazy Stamping Classes, Crops and Card Conversations. The system components are presented with a variety of examples that will provide new lessons about improving card design and card making skills. 

    The Class Tutorials and Crop Highlights will be share to provide support materials for the C.R.A.Z.Y. Card Design System.

    Club members are encouraged to save their own electronic or printed copy of the C.R.A.Z.Y. Card Design System Guide and support materials to use in their cardmaking endeavors.

    How often are the scheduled events and what can I expect from them?

    Each month you will receive an email with the details of the Club events for the month. The event topics, dates and times and links to access the two Facebook Groups and Zoom meeting.

    Is the education on stamping tips and techniques suitable for all skill levels?

    No other system teaches you how to become a true CARD DESIGNER, a skill that once you learn, you’ll confidently use for every project you make. And the best part is that the step-by-step C.R.A.Z.Y. Card Design System works just as well for beginner stampers who are just starting out to seasoned card makers who’ve been at it for years!

    Will I have an opportunity to connect and interact with other stampers in the club?

    Yes, Club members will meet other paper crafters and stampers in the monthly club events. There will be opportunities to meet crafting friends in the Facebook Groups and have conversations with them during the monthly Crops hosted on the Zoom.

    What crafting supplies do I need to be a Club member?

    All you need are your own crafting supplies, cardstock, ink colors and/or stamp sets/dies. A basic supply list of supplies will be provided for all Club members. 


    If you like the specific cards shared in classes, crops and the card conversation; you will be able to purchase them after the class if desired. Plum Crazy Stamping has an online store featuring Stampin’ Up! Products.

    What's the time commitment?

    The monthly online class will last between 1.5 hours and 2 hours. The class will be videotaped and available for class participants in the Class Facebook Group with lifetime access to watch as many times as desired.  


    The monthly Crop is scheduled for two hours. The crafting lesson portion of the Crop will be recorded and shared with the Crop participants for use at their convenience.


    The Card Conversations will be scheduled monthly for 30-60 minutes in a Private Club Facebook Group.

    A personal note

        I am so excited to invite you to become a member of the Plum Fun Stamping Club - this is a monthly program to become a better card maker, paper crafter and stamper! I can't wait to share the C.R.A.Z.Y. Card Design System with you! I know that this system will help to reduce your stress and frustration when you want to make a card or any paper crafting project! 

        I hope you will sign up and join me for the 3 events each month...I guarantee you will have more fun crafting and gain confidence making cards and crafts for yourself and those you love!